Our Tribute to Maddie

Ode To Maddie

Maddie was a gift from God.
She taught us many things that we did not know.
How to enjoy nature in all of it's splendor.
Her life was full of wonderful moments.
Her gift does not end with her death.
It is just a beginning of the memories.
We can not ever let the memories fade.
She was the best thing to ever happen to us.
And even though her life was too short,
She showed us all what life was about.
The caring for someone who needed us.
She made our days so full of love.
She never asked for more than we could give.
And she always loved us unconditionally.
No lose has ever left us so empty inside.
And yet her lose has brought us closer together.
Even with her death she keeps on giving.
I cry and pray for her happiness in a better place.
She was the very best dog that we ever had.
She will be missed more than anyone we know.
And as time goes on the sadness will turn to the joy that she gave us.

Here's to you kid!

Why this getup Mom?

Maddie Loved her Beer

This was her Nick Nolte look

LaBatt Blue was good but Pabst Blue Ribbon was the best

More Beer Please

See mom I'm a wild beast