Tulane Medical University Graduatiton

(and a little fun in New Orleans)

"the band was a playing even before the ceremony"

"the handsome and smart graduates"

"no rain but just in case"

"let the green wave begin"

"Luan's made it at last"

"no it's not hot at all Uncle Andy"

"dad's proud moment"

"mom's look of pride at her princess"

"another proud mom"

"start the party"

"time to enjoy some Cajun food"

"maybe have a little wine too"

"and some more wine"

"help get us out of this fish bowl"

"something smells fishy"

"down by the river"

"time for a nice cold drink"

"the jaws of death"

"i think the pond needs a little chlorine"

"the mighty Mississippi"


last updated by AJP on May 28th