Peebles Family - History

Skaneateles, New York

The air is clean, the water is blue, and the traffic nonexistent

Andy and Genelle Peebles

"Genelle and Andy Peebles Cool in the Shade on the Deck"

"Maddie 2 years old, Casie 17 years young"


judge peebles

"Our family with my brother Dave who just became a judge"

We have been blessed with my mom Betty in the blue dress and my dad Stuart (picture below) who lives in Atlanta. They taught us a lot and my sister Sue, Dave, and I are all grateful to them.

That's me on the left (Andy) with my lovely wife Genelle, my step-dad Butch, my nephew Ben, brother Dave, nephew Ken, Alex, Sammy, and sister-in-law Lisa.



"Dad with his new Green Egg barbecue"

Dad just turned 75 years old but acts more like a kid every day. He just got married to Sallie and they are enjoying their retirement together. They live in the Atlanta area as well as Amelia Island in Florida. Dad got a computerized telescope for Christmas. I tried to figure out how to set it up and even read the user manual. I guess you need a special degree in astronomy in order to operate the damn thing.




"Sister Sue and husband Dave"

Sue just got married last labor day to Dave who, like me works in what's left of American manufacturing. They also live in the 'burbs' of Atlanta. She works for Alltel doing marketing. When they were on their honeymoon, the cat was let outside and ran away. Fortunately it came back a week or so later.






"Syracuse football's big Win at Michigan September 12th, 1998"

110,000 PeopleWhen SU was still Good

"Our hero at quarterback - Donavan McNabb"


The Smoking Section

"There's no place like home - at least in the summer that is"

"Our Dog Casie Resting"

"Chris and Casie in the Kitchen"

"Sunset on Skaneateles Lake"