Andy's 50th Birthday Party March 16, 2002

Poem by Sister Sue

While up in the air sky high I flew
I realized that I didn't have a clue
Of the poem to write like I normally do
Recited at these family celebrations by good ole Sue.

For my brother turns fifty
Which doesn't seem so nifty
Cause the years pass by quickly
It won't be long before I turn fifty!

Many stories we can tell about Andrew
A most unique person anyone ever knew
From my teenage years of friends with pimples
Wondering how cute Andy got those big dimples.

To the blacked out parts of his yearbook
And the road rallys which he took
In our favorite red bug
To puking under the bed on his girlfriend's rug.

The Woodstock years were a lot of fun
Except the album of mine he left out in the sun
After he put it in the oven it was even more warped
That into a fine piece of wall art my Woodstock album morphed!

And now my flights about to end
So I'll close this message I send
To say its been fun growing up with Andy a brother
Cause like I said before, like Andy there is NO Other!