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Our new band "El Kabong" has played our 1st gig and it was a major success.

We are a trio of guitar, bass, and drums playing rockabilly music.

The name was derived from the old Quick Draw McGraw Cartoon for those old enough to remember. Our fearless leader Frank came up with that one.

We have Frank Rhodes on guitar and lead vocals, Jim Laratta on drums and backup vocals, and Andy Peebles on bass and backup vocals.

"the new monster bass rig, 500 watts into 4 olms"

"The recording equipment"

"The stuff that makes the music"

"The old Ampeg cabs with Altec 15"s and the new listening Couch"

I never did through anything out!

Looking for Love

with Joe, Bobby, Jim, and Andy

from 24 Jardine Road

mid 70s