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Carmel and San Francisco Slide Show

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"Napa Valley - great wine, great view"

We started our wine tasting at this great champagne vineyard with the beautiful trees and flowers. That's me in the picture on the left. The tree on the right has roots that tapped into some wine barrels which might explain the spiraled trunk. This was in the gardens at Berringers Vineyard. We got to tour the hand dug storage caves that are still used today to keep the wine cool. They were dug by the Chinese.





"Lake Tahoe - snow covered mountains in August"


"Horseback riding in the Tahoe forest"


"Heavenly Valley ski resort"

Oh how heavenly it is in this top of the world "Heavenly Valley" Genelle made me hike about a mile and a half to get to this point but I've got to admit it was worth it. If this is a valley I'd love to see the mountain.


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