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"the 3,321st most popular name in the United States"


Peebles, Ohio - population 1,800

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"The Peebles High School - no it's not a prison"


Mobile, Alabama

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"The Ladd-Peebles Stadium"


Maiasaura peeblesorum
(may-uh-SORE-uh PEEB-ulz-ore-um)
"Good mother lizard"

Discovered near the town of Choteau, Montana in 1978 on Peebles land

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"The Peebles dinasour eggs"


Lawenceville, Virginia - 1891

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"1st Peebles deparment store - founded by W. S. Peebles "


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"Peebles Scotland Golf Course - established in 1892"


Douglas Peebles - Photography from Hawaii

Hugh Peebles - cousin from San Diego, California

Sarah Peebles - Composer Performer from Toronto Ontario